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IKAB Chemicals B.V.

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Ikab Chemicals B.V. is an international distributor of industrial chemicals.
The most important areas on which we concentrate our sourcing and selling are China, South Africa, South America and Europe.

In China (Beijing, Huhhot), South Africa (Grahams Town) and Brazil (Sao Paolo) we have associated companies where we both source and market our products.

Our head office is located in Breda, strategically 50 km from both Rotterdam and Antwerp, Europe's most important ports. From Breda we rapidly expand our relations with the East European countries where we buy in relative big volumes, bring it to Rotterdam and market the products, in smaller lots, through our channels in the areas where we are active.

China is our most important partner in both import and export. We buy and sell many products in various provinces. Our 2 main products from China are Ascorbic Acid and Melamine. All our shipments from China are inspected before despatch and bought from reliable factories. Moreover our offices in Beijing and Huhhot coordinate logistics, sourcing and marketing.

We welcome all kind of inquiries / offers for both import and export.

Managing Director Anselm Vermeulen
Our Bank F. Van Lanschot Bankiers N.V.
PO Box 2140
4800 CC Breda

Bic Code FVLBNL22

Account Nos USD
South Africa DS Petrochemicals CC
PO Box 7008
6148 South Africa
VAT No NL805107885B01
Trade Register No 20081953
Purchase and Sales conditions are deposited under reference 3312 - 3312A at the Chambers of Commerce in Breda.